Orders at Rüsthaus
We do collective orders at tribe level at Rüsthaus. To submit an order please contact:
sammelbesteller (at)

Homepage / eMail
If there are questions or problems depending the homepage or the mailsystem please contact:
webmaster (at)

Become a member
The leader of the groups have got registration formulars.
Please ask them if you or your child like to become a members.
The fee is 30 € for the half year. The fee is charged in advance.
If there are 2 or more children in a family registred the fee is reduced to 25 € per child. The social discount fee is 12 €.

The termination of membership must be in writing.
To pass the cancellation timely to the federal office of DPSG the document must be submitted to 31.05. or 30.11.

Member administration
If there are questions depending the member administration please contact:
t.risse (at)